Capture a Gmail email with inline images

Hi, I'm using Joplin 2.6.1 under macOS 11.6.2

I want to capture the content of an email that is displayed in Gmail using Chrome (v97). To do that, I choose "Print this email" so that I get to a page where there the email is presented as simple HTML, cancel the printing dialog, and use the Joplin Web Clipper Chrome extension.

However, this does not capture the images that are inline with the email. None of the options (simplified page, complete page, complete page HTML) is able to capture the inline images.

From the "complete page" capture, the images appear as such in the Markdown:

How can I capture the emails with the inline images? Copy/paste from Chrome into the rich editor does not work either. Or do people have another way to capture Gmail emails?

If you find that file in your resources folder, what type is it? From the name captured in the markdown tag it looks like its a bit funky.

I just clipped a page by doing what you described and it works fine for me.

for me gmail images are captured just fine as well.
Joplin 2.6.10 (prod, linux)
FF 85

Could you provide a sample email in .html for reference?

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