Pasted images get encoded and cannot be saved elsewhere

Hello all,
I usually take web page screenshots using browser extensions. They allow you to copy the captured image in clipboard.
Then, I can easily paste the captured image in joplin.
I just discovered that sometime images get in joplin as encoded ones. You see something like this in the markdown editor:


When image are encoded, you cannot save them to another folder (the right click on image and "save to..." doesn't work).
Is there a way to save the encoded image to png or jpg format directly from joplin (a plug-in perhaps?)?
The other alternative is copy the image code, paste on an online decoder and save from there, but it's a bit frustrating to do so every time.

Is this a feature that can be included in a new version/plug-in?
What do you think?


Christmas greatings from Italy!


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