Capitalize the first letter

Hi to everyone.
I’m using Linux Manjaro KDE.
My version of joplin is 1.0.193
I notice this issue every time I wanna write something.
It’s just simply too annoying to hold shift before writing something at the beginning of the sentence. Especially when I’m writing on Joplin.
Thanks all in advance:)

I’ve put these rules in my ‘userstyle.css’ file

h1::first-letter,h2::first-letter,h3::first-letter,h4::first-letter {
 text-transform: uppercase;

p::first-letter {text-transform: uppercase;}

See also the topic on CSS sharing

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Thank you so much
Just a problem
Where it userstyle.css in linux?

Update : I found it on preferences
Thank you so so much :slight_smile:

Just one problem
How can i use this for lists?
For example the first letter after “-” should be capital? like this:

  • Hello
  • World.

Or this:
1- Hello
2- World

I made it right by changing the userstyle.css to:

*::first-letter {text-transform: uppercase;}

I’ve limited this to list only, with

ul::first-letter,ol::first-letter,li::first-letter {text-transform: uppercase;}
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Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t just li::first-letter {text-transform: uppercase} suffecient? (since ul and ol are just containers and the text will only be in list items)

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You’re right. My CSS knowledge is low…

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Not completely.
You can put numbers, images, etc in lists
But what about when you’re writing your headings?

No i’m just like you
Thank you so much:)

Ah, makes sense. But you would have to use raw html for something like that, no? As far as I know markdown lists are only containers for list items.

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Not quite like that
Look lists are just “lists” not containers
You can put ANYTHING in them;)

What I meant was, any text you put in a list would be in the list item, not directly in the list right? So styling the list item should have been sufficient.

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Yes you’re right but my question was different
I wanted a solution to capitalize every first letter. Not just in lists:)

I got that. I was speaking about lists specifically :grinning:
What you have works good

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Lol yeah
Oh thank you man:)

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I have a big problem now
How can i make all the elements first letter capitalized but code
I mean when we’re writing a code like:
this is a code
we don’t want its first letter to be capitalized

I think it’s because of the general capitalizing by

*::first-letter {text-transform: uppercase;}

For this, I prefer targeted rules on objects I want to capitalize, as p, li, h#, etc.

Thanks for replying
Yeah i’m aware of it
I wanted to know if someone knows how to exclude code sections from others?