Case of tag names

I’ve imported many notebooks from evernote and it has created many tags during the import, having capital first letter
I’ve noticed that the tags created in native joplin are fully lowercase, even if I create them fully uppercase
Moreover, renaming a tag to have it uppercase does nothing, tag remains lowwercase
So now I have a mix of case styles for my tags. At least when affecting a tag, joplin is case insensitive and matches the tag, no matter the case used.

Is this whole case behaviour a bug or a feature ?

Also wondering this, as I find this quite frustrating. Because of this, the new tags which I create in the same syntax as my imported tags are lowercase instead of uppercase, don’t appear in the proper order on the tag list, and aren’t searchable.

I am facing the same issue after importing from Evernote and wondering if there is any plan to address it in the future?

Edit: Using Joplin 1.0.140 on Linux (Arch).
Screenshot to demonstrate sorting issue