Renaming tags by Capitalising first letters doesn't work

since the new pre-release version 1.3.9 Descktop/windows 10 added the sorting of tags in a case-sensitive way, I tried to rename some of my tags to use htis feature but it doesn't work, even if I add a dash between two words in the tag name.
It seems that it is stuck with its previous conversion of capital letters to small ones (I remember when creating a tag capitalising the first letter it appers in the tag list as small letters). But some tags are back to Capital leters as they were initially written (I guess those are the ones I created a long while ago, before tagging started converting capital letters to small ones).
Hope this could be fixed
And as always, thanks for the awsome app :slight_smile:

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I believe this is expected - from the discussion I have read, I believe that the intention is to only allow lower case tags to be created. But Evernote (enex) import does support multi-case tags, and those are imported "as is". So the change in 1.3.9 mainly affects those who have imported notes from Evernote...

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Then let me rephrase my question, now turned into a suggestion. Since Mulit-case is supported for Imported and Old tags (my old tags created here in Joplin returned back tot thir original multi-case state, once version 1.3.9 is installed), why not make it universal in Joplin and leave it to the user to decide which he wants to use. Mulit-case is definitely esier to read.
What do you think @laurent?


II like to second that. As I am also using tags and also have imported tags from evernote with capital letters, I would appreciate to be able to decide wether to use them within tags or not. Especially when I see that Joplin can handle upper-case letters in tags that were imported. I was really surprised (after some attempts to change my tags to capital letters), when I realized that it might be a system related feature :slight_smile:

I don't think they'll ever do it. It's been discussed in the forum before, and apparently, the devs made it clear that it won't be done, for whatever reasons.

I did not do any research through the forum section and I accept that the developers prioritise. I just wanted to express my wish and maybe someday it will come through. Until then or better said until now I am a happy user without that feature.

Great to know you are happy with the app, and I second your wish.