Can't sync on joplin cloud my old notes from my old iphone :(

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What issue do you have?

I'm new to reporting bugs sorry.
So I'm switching Iphones right now and so I configured my new joplin cloud account on my old iphone which had previously an older joplin cloud like 2 years ago.
Since I've changed the credentials on my old iphone it appears to not upload anything.
The sync status is okey 166/166
no errors in the logs past the time I've change the credentials...
My new iphone and my android devices only see the news notres from my new iphone which gives me a sync status 16/16

So I don't understand. I don't know what should I do ? Where to look? I wish it would be way simpler to debug this

Is the revision numlber the same system as the dns revision system? Because then it has the same number 7/7 on every of my devices but it results with not having the same content....

If it hasn't synced in a long time, you might want to uninstall the app and install again and sync fresh data to it

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Ow okey. But then should I export the notes through hex ? But then my only way is to import it through the desktop app correct ?

I'm not sure you can export from an old version of the app (although not sure if the new export function works on iOS). But if all your notes are on Joplin Cloud, you can just delete the app and reinstall. Then sync again, and the app will fetch the latest version of all your notes.

I think there has been a misunderstanding.

There is no out dated version of the app.

When I was talking about 2 years ago, I was talking about my old account of Joplin cloud that I was not using anymore at the time because of problem of sync (running gag I would say at that point).

But all the apps are up to date so that’s not the problem. The problem lays in the fact that probably there are still problems in the sync code and that my old iPhone (who is, I’m repeating myself, up to date) is not able to upload the notes to my new Joplin cloud. (And as I said before there are no errors in the logs, the app even think that everything is sync).

I did not read your code but I suspect that the system of revision number is lacking of a few use cases.

So what I had to do is to export the notes in jex from my old iPhone, import them on the desktop app, then sync it with Joplin cloud and then it actually worked (I guess again because of the revision number who would be different then). And I’m now able to retrieve all my notes on my Mobiles thanks to the export/import and upload from a new location.

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