If I were to switch from another sync method to Joplin Cloud, what would I do?

Was using 2.8.4 on Linux Mint as my "master" and my Android 12 and IOS 15.4.1 devices were not matching note wise. I've been using S3 reliably for nearly 1.5 years. In the past, updating the Linux version typically resolves these kind of issues, and can confirm that 2.8.5 fixes things for me.

That said, assuming that the version update hadn't resolved things (BTW, there were no sync errors, just not matching on the mobile side, I was prepared to bite the bullet and move to Joplin Cloud.

If/when I decide to change sync method, what should my process be? Should I just wipe the remote (IOS and Android) versions of Joplin and sync from scratch? What's best practice for doing this sync method migration?

I have good reliable file system level backups on the Linux desktop side of this just in case.

Yes, I would just wipe the "remote" devices if they're not properly in sync...then the steps would be the following:

  1. Create a backup
  2. On desktop switch the sync target to Joplin Cloud and make sure fail-safe is activated
  3. Sync completely (if fail-safe takes action, choose "Re-upload local data to sync target")
  4. Remove and reinstall the Joplin apps on IOS and Android and sync with Joplin Cloud

You could however also try to sync without wiping the phones databases (I don't know, what would happen tbh) as you can't really do anything wrong if you have a backup on hand...

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