Can't activate fountain?

I want to use fountain to format my screenplay in markdown. It is listed here Markdown Guide | Joplin as plugin that is in joplin by default, but need to be turn on. But When I go to Options->Plugins and I search for fountain or screenplay, no plugins are found. And if I write

Garage - Sunny Day

Put that down.

Nothing happens and it is written as code. Also this plugin isn't listed in github repository plugins read me, where joplin send be when I chose browse all plugins in settings.
But in changelog it should be add in version v1.0.165 and I am using
v2.7.12. Tried 2.6.xx version first.

I have installed version. using Win 10.

Am I doing something wrong and I should activate it somehow?

Thank you


Nowadays this special markdown plugin and other similar ones are located under Markdown sections in options

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Thank you very much!

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