Cannot switch layout in empty notebook

Switching layouts is disabled in all modes in empty notebooks.
So, if I create a notebook and happen to be in preview-only mode, I cannot create a new note because the only way to create a new note is in the edit mode. So, I have to switch to another notebook with some notes, switch the layout and switch back to my new notebook.

Also, I did not check, but what if this is the ONLY notebook and it is without notes?

I can confirm that this happens on both Windows and Linux. You can toggle through the layout with the keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+L but the button is grayed out.

Steps to reproduce:

  • In an existing note, change the layout to view only
  • Create a new notebook or delete all notes in an existing notebook
  • Create a new note

If you create a name/title for the note then it will enable the layout button since there is now a note that exists within the notebook.

Nope, this is not correct.

  • Change layout to preview
  • Go to an empty folder
  • Click New note

You can edit the title. As soon as there’s one character in the title field, the Layout button is no longer greyed out.

P.S.: I just saw that the previous poster already said the same thing.

Thanks for the comments and explanations. Indeed, it works as you describe.