Cannot grab menu bar to move Joplin window

Hi all,

I am running Joplin 1.0.227 on Pop’OS 20.04 (ubuntu based) with Gnome 3.36 and I am experiencing a weird behaviour related to the integration of the application to Gnome.
I can resize the window from any corner or side of the application however I cannot grab the Joplin application window from the menu bar area to move the window like I do for any other application I have installed on my system.
If I move precisely to the top of the menu bar so that the mouse cursor changes to a resizing cursor, I can then right-click to access the moving option and I can move the window.
I am unclear on whether it is an issue with Joplin or Gnome in Pop’OS, however, as stated before, this is the only application giving me this issue.

I have this as for starting the application under Pop’OS:

cat .local/share/applications/appimagekit-joplin.desktop 
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Joplin for Desktop

I tried reinstalling the application by deleting the settings but nothing changed:

rm ~/.config/Joplin
rm ~/.config/joplin-desktop 

Would anybody have experienced something similar?

Do you mean the title bar?

For reference, I was expecting to be able to grab the Joplin app window from within the bar that has File/Edit/View/Note/Tools/Help - see below:

For some reason, I also have XnView exhibiting the same issue, I would ignore my request for now as it looks like a Gnome issue.
I will report if/when I find the issue.

Sorry for the noise.

Why is there no title bar in your window? Have you disabled it?
As such you can Alt+Drag anywhere on the window and it will move.

Well exactly - I disabled it without noticing since other applications were not built the same way - I have now restored not just Joplin but others.
I should definitely better track my OS tweaks.
For completeness, here is the setting that needs to be kept enabled to avoid facing the issue I faced:
(accessible from Gnome Tweaks / Extensions / Pop shell extensions preferences) - ensure Show Window Titles is enable