Cannot get rid of a Markdown display quirk - help?

I'm using the latest 2.12.19 on Windows 10, and i have an issue as seen in this screenshot:

At some point in the past I think I tried a different theme. I then wanted to revert, so I selected the Light theme and also deleted all contents from advanced > markdown and stryle (userstyle.css and userchrome.css are both blank now)

How can I get rid of the dark shaded headings, as well as the numbering? There's also very light gray text for links in the left editor pane that is almost white, etc. These can't be the original defaults, can they?

I tried to change theme to Dark and others in the list, and they ALL have the same heading (same color, text color, numbering) as if it's hardcoded somewhere else.

Have you fully quit (File > Quit) and restarted Joplin after removing the content of userstyle.css and userchrome.css?

Doh, just came here to say I discovered that if I restart then it clears everything. However, Joplin should tell the user that a restart is required for changes to take effect (a message next to the Advanced button)

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