Can "Note properties" be added to the menu system?

I use a very minimal interface in Joplin, having hidden most of the button. This has caused me to notice that the Note properties is not found in the app menu system. I would have expected to find it below or above Note > Statistics…

Without that the only way to access it (without the button) is to use the command pallet.

Could this be added to the menu system?

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It is available right in the note window (on the right side in standard layout). Click on the little circle with an i in the center.

Sorry I didn't explain well enough. I have hidden all the tool bars. I don't do much formatting and I'm on a smaller device. So I don't have that icon to click on.

Also for keyboard users, it makes sense to have in in the menu system.

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That's true, it should appear in the menu too. Would you mind creating an issue about it in GitHub?

My pleasure!

Not much to it, though.


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Latest version has the feature working well. Thanks!

@moderators could close this thread if you like.

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