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Feature Request: Custom properties for notes

Hello. I want to re-open an old topic but with additional details

As a Joplin Plugin Developer, I would like to have the possibility to save custom note properties for saving plugin metadata regarding a selected note and have access to this info in the future (i.e.: from Joplin.workspace.selectedNote().properties)

Is it possible and how do other developers save their plugin metadata about notes (except note body) ?

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Not quite what you're looking for but you can create a separate sqlite database for your plugin and store properties there.

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@roman_r_m interesting suggestion. But it's not plugin properties, it's note properties.
This approach will require creating a table for each note.
Also cleaning staff of non-existed (deleted) notes might be challenging
Other ways?

It won't, unless I misunderstood what you need.

You can use just one table like so:

noteId property1 property2
1 value1 value2

Or, if the set of properties is dynamic, you can still do with a single table:

noteId property_name property_value
1 note1_property_name note1_property_value

I don't see an issue - just run a check at startup and then maybe once every hour to cleanup the properties of notes that have been deleted.


I hope the metadata field will be implemented so that the infos are also syncronized.

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Last news on those was long time ago :frowning: