Can I update the list of plugin from one Joplin desktop to a second Joplin desktop?

Today, I was dealing with some issue on Joplin in my secondary laptop.
After trying to figure out the problem, I found the reason was that I did not install a plugin in my second device. The note was creating thanks to the plugin in my main laptop, but is not possible to update using same plugin due to the plugin have not been installed in this secondary machine.

Although not all the days I install or set up a plugin, I was looking for a way to replicate or extend the plugin installation from one desktop to a second device.
I read that the entire plugin list and their set up are not possible to synchronize within the Joplin synchronization process,

but, what happen if I add the following Joplin's files and folder:

to others, personnel files and folders list that are synchronized with a cloud for keeping both machine updating with the same personal information.

If this is possible, how to deal with the set-up between the 2 different profiles that I have.
If there is not possible, is there another alternative to update them without maintain them manually in the same way in both machines?.


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