Can I decrypt notes without my password? [Android]

I have an old device I am trying to export the notes from before I get rid of it. However the notes are all encrypted (sync is only to local file system), and I have forgotten the password.I dont want to export/sync them to a new device just to be unreadable.

I still have full access to the device, app, the password appears to be saved/still stored, I just don't remember what is actually is. What is the best way to address this?

Here's another use for the export profile function.

You can export your profile, copy over to a PC (or a Mac), and use DB Browser for SQLite or a similar tool to open your database. Your notes will be in plain text there.

Well thanks for the reply, I think maybe you meant to put this on my other question though...

Unless yo used a password generator on your old device ... just think about it, the password will come back to you. (This always works for me, even with longish passwords).

It is definitely not coming back to me unfortunately. And yes I did use a password generator.

Are you saying there is no way to reverse the encryption without the original password, even with full device access?

That doesn't sound right since obviously the notes are readable and accessible to the app, since I can browse through them. How do I extract that information?

With full device access ... of course your notes are NOT encrypted (locally on that device), so you can access and retrieve them. How to feed them back into your other (or desktop ?) Joplin is however not necessary clear. You may have to experiment a little, and this may require more time than you are willing to spend. It's not impossible.

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