Bulk edit of tags, or reverse alphabetical sort


Not being a programmer and knowing probably barely enough to get me in trouble in everything....I have a question.

I recently started using Joplin and tend to use tags for very granular indexing. I decided partway through to change my method of indexing. So....I have a few thousand tags.

I wanted to cluster them by type of note. At first I had the indicator at the end: (Term)_h for instance if the term was in a health category. (Term)_w if it was work related.

I decided it was better to do it the other way, all work tags together, thus w_(term); h_(term), etc.

I started doing this manually when I couldn't find any way of bulk editing (I'm not sure if any apps have that to be honest, not sure how it would work).

Which worked for a while. Problem is, if when I move a letter to the beginning, the term itself came later in the alphabet, thus causing it to re-sort to an earlier point, the tag list jumps to wherever that note sorts to.

Example, if "projects_j" is changed to "j_projects", the tag list will jump about a thousand tags back to where "j_projects" sorts to, meaning I have to scroll back to all the way where I was before if I want to continue the tag change

If instead it was "animals_j" changed to "j_animals", the jump does not happen.

Knowing that bulk rename is a long shot, I'm wondering if there is a way to at least reverse-alphabetize in order to minimize this jumping around, so that I can continue to rename one by one without having to scroll through several hundred to thousand edited tags to get to the point where the tags remain to be edited.

Editing one by one is tedious, but doable. Editing one by one when the list keeps jumping to a point several hundred terms from where you were before is maddening.

Thank you, and feel free to ask for clarification, as I'm not sure if I described things clearly.

And yeah, I know, I should have planned my tagging better from the beginning. :wink:

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