Breadcrumb indicator functionality

How feasible would it be to implement a breadcrumb indicator which would show where exactly the current note is located?

If you search for a string and locate one or more notes there is no way to tell which notebook(s) those notes belong to.

I see several ways in which this might be solved (they are not mutually exclusive):

  1. An actual breadcrumb on the UI displaying all the parent notebooks with clickable notebook names.

  2. The application title bar β€” currently this only displays Joplin and does not serve for anything useful. This could be expanded to something like Joplin β€” NotebookA > Notebook2 > NoteTitle. (It might be a good idea to also add some other info in the title, for example the sync status, but that’s another topic.)

  3. A right-click context menu for the note which would reveal the parent notebook(s), i.e. Reveal in navigation.


I would say Reveal In Navigation is a good idea, Would some PR on this be acceptable? @laurent

+1 to breadcrumbs, where you can link to any location down the chain.
root > programming > python > opencv

Is it possible to scroll note tree to section that contains found note.


  1. I search note. For example "tensorflow".
  2. Found it, there is a button, that allows me to go to note, like "In: python".
  3. I click button, I land where note is, but I still need to scroll tree to find the highlighted notebook.
    Is it possible to scroll to position where note opened? Like an action that happens when <a href="#linkid">Go to link</a> is clicked?

+1 for reveal in navigation. Would be very useful for me.