Blurry texts. It may gotten worse if using the app long

I am using jolpin 2.8.8 (prod. win32) in my window 11 pro.

This should be a very simple problem to resolve. My jolpin is a bit blurry, and I know this shouldn't be by design, because I have another device using it. And I think it will be more blurry the longer I used it without closing the app.

I just can't figure out why. Both my devices are using window 11, but only 1 of them have this blur texts.

Have you tried disabling all plugins?
Does this blurryness happen in other apps (e.g. Microsoft Edge)?

If you open development tools, is the window that appears also blury?
Enable development tools by clicking help, then toggle development tools.

I do not have any installed plugins.
No, only Joplin is blurry.
Yes, the development tools is blurry too.

If you look closely at the letters, o, u, d, p, & etc. You can see there is a pixie shade inside of their hole.

This might be an Electron bug (Joplin uses Electron to display its GUI).

This post related to another Electron app might be relevant.

What are your scaling-related settings in Windows? Do you use custom DPI scaling by any chance? Are there multiple monitors connected?

Fixed. You are right. It is an Electron blurry issue. I've turn off Joplin's Antialiasing -FXAA, in NVIDIA control panel- Manage 3d Settings instead, because I did not see Image Smoothing. Tq personalizedrefriger.

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