Bird Site

Option to remove "Stupid Birdsite" from help.
Really. . . still using those idiots!
Go to Mastodon.

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Look what I found on the website from your profile (


You would also notice that's not a "Follow Us" but "Post To". (I don't use Pocket or Reddit either)
Though I did forget about the "Post To" and we'll be removing it.
You will notice our "Follow Us" does not have a "Dead Bird" button.
We deleted our account, and 5k posts a long time ago.
So, your point is?

I don't understand why you have to be so agressive about it, the fact is that people still use twitter - I'm not one of them but ultimately its none of your business and you get no say in it.


I was not aggressive in my original post, yet someone thought they found hypocrisy on my part when there was none. Thier manner was aggressive. . . I just corrected them.
My point was why have it in the help section when not many in fact millions less have Twitter. How is a link to Twitter helpful? But the problem was solved; I found a way to remove it.
Be well Daeraxa, and thank you for supporting the LGBTQ.

Is this really a Joplin discussion?

I don't think so.

Even though I prefer Mastodon, I still have a Twitter account. It's not a question of politics or philosophy, but a question of reach and audience.

So it would never occur to me to call Twitter - and thus its users - "stupid."

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