BibTeX Plugin: DevLog[1]

Week 0 passed smoothly; there were some challenges but I managed.
In this week, I'm gonna continue with the development of the following features:

  • Implement DataStore class (A class responsible for storing citation data and providing it when requested).
  • Test DataStore.
  • Create an interface to formally represent the structure of the data.

Github Repo
Implementation Details
UI/UX Document


Surprisingly, this week's work took a little time. You can find the details in here :smiley:

So, I'm gonna work on some of the features that need to be done in week 2 (0-based). Here's some of the TODOs:

  • Register addBibTeXReference command to open the citation popup.
  • Associate the command with a menu item (or a toolbar button for that matter).
  • Create the Citation Popup.

Wish me good luck.


Nice, looking forward to see the next update.

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Yaaaay! The work is going very smoothly so far :smiley:

What has been done

  • Register addBibTeXReference Command and bind it to a toolbar button.
  • Parse the bibtex file and store results upon executing the command.
  • Enable the citation popup to show the complete list of references. (Searching through references will be added in a future release).


Toolbar button
Screenshot from 2021-06-17 18-15-06

Citation popup

Technical details

You can read about the implementation details of the work done till now checkout the discussions in pull requests here

I can't wait to start working on the next features.


That looks awesome ! Can't wait to use it ! Thank you for your hard work, @xUser5000 : )

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