BibTeX Plugin: DevLog[9]

Hello everyone!
This is the ninth week (zero-based) in the journey of developing a BibTeX Plugin for Joplin :smiley:

In the last week, most of the work was about writing a specification for "customizing the rendering of inline references" and researching other stuff. This week, I'm going to actually code this new feature, and also have another look at the compatibility bugs related to citation styles.

PS: This is supposedly the last week of Google Summer of Code, but I'm planning to continue maintaining this project even after GSoC. I love the community of Joplin so much and I believe it's one of the best out there. That's why I have an intention to keep working on this project. I probably won't have that much time to code major features and breaking changes, but I'll make sure to try my best. As always, all suggestions are welcomed and I'm happy to discuss anything.

Wish me luck :smiley: :heart:
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Nice work so far. Sadly, I did not interact the past two months. After reading through discussions and DevLogs now, I don't seem to see that much of the discussion in the beginning (bibtex-plugin).
Do you think to include the possibility to make it possible to change the bibtex field input in the inline settings? What do you think on the possibility to change the link (currently the DOI) to a Zotero URI. To create a full note of a reference I will probably look into the template plugin, maybe there's an option how these two plugins function nicely together.
Do you consider to implement certain more functionality as in this Plugin (Obsidian-citation-plugin)?

You seem to have the styling of references implemented with only the possibility to add a ".csl" file. Will this stay the only possibility or will there be an easier option based on bibtex fields to choose what or whether at all to display the references?

Is it possible to only insert an inline citation without the reference as a footnote? I usually don't publish my notes and use them for my own research. Switching between a full citation insertion and only and inline would still be very handy.

Thank you anyways for the work you have done during the past weeks.

Unfortunately, I'll have to stick with the results of the survey for now, since this is what most users want.

Maybe we can do another survey after finishing most of the current features and include your suggessions in it.

I see this is a very useful one actually.

Sure, I only thought of giving further ideas.

I should be more concise, to decide when you insert the citation might be the favorable implementation with the option to change it afterwards. As you are working on some inline citation styling this could be an option to implement it somehow. Reserving one style for only inline citations.

Another minor thing, is it possible to search for the citekey? I am and probably many others are very used to this, as writing in Latex the citekey is displayed for the insertion of a citation.

For future ideas:
Some fields like the Zotero URI are for sure not included in any official .csl file. The only option therefore is to properly edit a file to get it displayed. While, if you'd provide a textbox with some simple editing guidelines to choose from bibtex fields and with the use of the markdown syntax anybody can build their custom citation style. I believe this is quite a bit of work. The other option is to have this as a template layout for a full reference note.

The one thing that I care the most here, is actually the Zotero URI and probably quite some other users too. It seemed like Zotero is the most used software (BibTeX Plugin: Survey - #4 by xUser5000).

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