Better indications of sync state


Grey text sometimes longer, sometimes shorter isn't reassuring.

Google Drive has 'All changes synced/saved.' I think I'd benefit from a clear 'All changes pushed' indicator. It may be coloured as well.

I'm waiting the syncing to finish until I sleep the laptop (avoiding the terrifying sync conflicts¹). Sometimes it's doing a full minute fetching sync, where all changes were actually already committed. I have no idea.

¹ every few days: goddammit didn't notice I had a conflict there; have to export conflict note from the mobile app, find the same note in the app, export that; save them as files on a keyboarded device, diff them, merge them. To be honest, it feels like git or syncthing would be better at merges.

The Conflict Resolution Plugin may be of interest to you.

Unfortunately, it seems that plugins are not supported on Android — where majority of conflicts come up.

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