[Beta Test] Joplin Server 2.2.7-beta - Sharing a note changes its modified date

The act of sharing a note appears to count as an update of that note. This could give the impression to the person viewing the shared note that the information it shows is more current than it really is.

The pics show a note share being created and what is published.


This "Last Update" is the date and time the share was created.

I believe that I understand why it happens, my question is whether it should?

I've set it up so that sharing doesn't change the modified date, so there must be a bug somewhere.

OK. I only noticed this when answering someone else's query about shared notes earlier today and I posted when I found it. If you don't mind, let me see if I can reliably reproduce this a few times first before you add it to your "bug-list".

Joplin Desktop 2.1.8 (Linux)
Joplin Server 2.2.7-beta (official)

I am getting a date change every time.

Also, after creating the share, the date change on my client reflects local time (BST) whereas the share on the server is apparently using UTC. Is that another server .env variable? :slight_smile: