[Joplin cloud] 2 questions : Take a long time to share a note + title customization


A Joplin Cloud subscriber to support the project, I was using the notebook/notebook sharing feature only on an ad hoc basis. For professional reasons, I will be required to share my progress on files and would like to do so with this feature. So I'm doing some tests.

At the moment, I am surprised by the fact that it takes almost 2 or 3 minutes to generate the link to a note to share. Is this normal?

Also, I would like to be able to customize a little bit what I share. At least on one simple thing, the title. The notes I want to share are named in a way that makes sense to me but I would like to give another title when I share it with outsiders. Are there any future developments that will go in this direction?

Thank you!

Isn't it synchronising during that time? Because it needs to synchronise before sharing the note.

Otherwise there are plans to improve note sharing but I'm not sure we'll allow setting a different title.

I've just checked the log and didn't see anything that could indicate a query that takes 3 minutes, so I'm assuming that was sync. Maybe try again and see if it does it every time?

Okay, I'm going to follow this for several days to see. Thanks for your feedback.

Hi @laurent

After several days of observation. I confirm that it comes from the synchronization.

In general, the synchronization seems to "slow down" a bit my use of Joplin at the moment. I'll try to do a less frequent synchronization to see. I probably also need to uninstall some plugins :roll_eyes: ... but they are all fine!

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