BBEdit for OSX as an external editor is empty

I have seen topics related to this issue but not found a solution so I thought I’d give it a go…
I love my Joplin app, I use Windows and MAC. In Windows I have set the external editor to Notepad++, in OSX I have set it to BBEdit.

When I want to edit a note however from Joplin (watched and unwatched) the BBEdit app opens but the editor is blank. Is there an argument in the Joplin settings that I have missed or is there something else.

Best wishes


Hi Dj, hopefully someone else can be of more help, but it looks to me that this is an issue with BBEdit, you probably need an additional command line flag to specify a file to open directly.

Hi there… Yeah well I’ve cheated a little bit and changed to Atom which works great. I really only use an external editor to check my terrible spelling, which works great in my Windows laptop but now it’s equally good using Atom… Thanks very much