When Joplin "auto-detects" the external editor, how does it work?

In my current Joplin installation (v2.7.15 AppImage, Fedora 35 KDE), the "open in external editor" button opens the file in Okular by default, which is not really a valid text editor.

I know that I can manually set a text editor command.

But I was curious, how did Joplin decide that Okular was the correct program to use? I have several valid text editors on my system, e.g. KWrite, Kate, and Neovim-Qt. Okular is not something that I would consider a "text editor".

Also, the default text editor for other programs is actually KWrite, so I was expecting that to be the default for Joplin as well.

Does anyone know how this logic works in the application? Is this some kind of bug, or maybe an adverse interaction with something in KDE?

Joplin notes are stored in markdown format, So whatever is your default app to open a markdown file, Joplin will open the same.
Change the default markdown editor to Kate or something, Joplin will automatically open it next time.

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