Basic question about sync

I use version 1.7.11, on a Window 10 os and I'm syncing with a Xubuntu 21.04 laptop via Nextcloud.

I just formated my Xubuntu laptop. I was reinstalling Joplin and syncing. Before syncing, I delete the welcome notes so there is nothing to sync "from" the Xubuntu, but only download my notebooks.

Still, there is thing that are created and on my windows machine, things are "downloaded".
I'm curious to know what is that is modified or created.
I'm pretty sure these are not modification on my notes, since there are no modification that I can notice... could it be setting files or something of the sort? What is it?

I'm asking to be sure there is not a few files in the hundreds that I have that were modified...

By default Joplin keeps history of your notes so most likely those things are your deleted welcome notes

Ah! It would make a lot of sense. Thanks!

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