Backlinks plugins linking to themselves, Joplin returning different results for note ID

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This is an update on the Automatic Backlinks to note plugin linking to itself: I did some testing, and have narrowed down the issue to actually something with Joplin 2.13.4--Joplin 2.13.3 didn't do this.

I created an issue (Searching for a note ID returns only where it's found if it's linked elsewhere; returns the original note if not · Issue #9769 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub) on the Joplin repository.

Since Joplin 2.13.4, if Note A is linked to by Note B, searching for Note A's ID (basically what the plugin is doing) returns just Note B. If Note A is not linked to by any notes, searching for Note A's ID returns Note A. I believe this is inconsistent search behavior. I can understand searching for Note A's ID returning Note A, but then that should happen regardless of whether it is linked to by any notes or not. The backlinks plugin would then just need to exclude the original note when constructing the backlinks.

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I've answered on GitHub

Thanks! As there was a forum thread about this issue last month (now locked), I wanted to alert other users who don't look at issues on the GitHub repo.

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