AWS S3 Synchronisation Error on iOS deivce


Joplin version: 10.7.2 (Latest on iOS for now)
Platform: iOS
OS specifics: 14.4.1 on iPhone (Latest for now)

Steps to reproduce

1.First time synchronisation on windows with E2EE enable
2.Synchronisation to AWS S3 Server
3.First time synchronisation on iOS an error like this:
“XMLParserError:Non-whitespace before first tag.
Line: 0
Column: 1
Char: S”。

What happend

The notes seems fine(I mean, no damaged or loss) in the first time that I synchronisation on iOS (This Error message appear when the synchronisation is almost finished) , but when this error appear, the synchronisation function is totally broken and noting can be synchronisation neither "other platform---->iOS" nor "iOS-----> other platform".

The notes that I have, almost all notes is I manually added, and a few is I import form md files that I exported from Notion app.

I tried 10 times, even change the provider of the server and it can be reproduce every time.

And here's the log

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