Sync error "Unexpected token d in JSON at position 4

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Desktop app version : 2.14.20
Iphone app version : 12.14.6

Sync target



Markdown Editor

What issue do you have?


I have a sync error on my desktop app and my iphone app:

  • For desktop, the error is is "11:39:34: Synchronizer: SyntaxError: On file Unexpected non-whitespace character after JSON at position 4
    at JSON.parse ()"
  • For iphone :
    Fetched item: 4/26.
    Completed 16/04/2024 11:50 (4s)
    Last error: Syntaxerror: On file JSON Parse error: Unexpected token: d


  • I had another missing error (based on missing type), and I corrected it by deleting EOL characters in end of note files (included the one in notes stored in Nextcloud
  • Then I obtained the non-white character error in my Desktop app and token error in my iphone app
  • I updated the version of Desktop Joplin with no resolution

Maybe a file corruption?
Other ideas ?

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Log file

sync-error.txt (6.63 KB)

This is one of your notes. Something happened to it.

You could copy the file to a new name and open it in a text editor. Perhaps make a new note and copy from the text editor back into Joplin and then deleting the bad one from within Joplin.

Others may have better ideas.

I deleted the bad one, and it correctly synchronize now. I hope it will continue to work.

Make sure you don't open any of the Joplin files from Nextcloud as that would corrupt the file (even if you don't make any change), just in case that was the issue.

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