Automatically tagging notes

Is it possible to automatically tag notes? For example, my notes contain the following phrase:
Tag: test1, test2
I would like to automatically attach the two tags test1 and test2. Can I do that?

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There’s no built-in way to do this but you could automate this via the CLI, clipper API or the Python lib by @foxmask

It could be quite a cool feature. For example, a user selects the line of tag meta, clicks the "load tags" button, then the tags are recognized and added to the tag field/area automatically.

Actually, a tag line in the note could sometimes greatly relieve the tag transfer issues between different note apps.

But the feature is uncommon (if not absent) on most main-stream apps, probably due to the following reasons:

  • An extra parser to analyze the tag line
  • New options to define the user formats of the tag line. Otherwise new built-in sets of formats to help the parser to understand the tag line (e.g. various tag delimiters of comma, whitespace and so on)
  • Difficulty to recognize all formats of the tag line
  • Low priority/attention on such kind of feature requests because of various hard-to-tell reasons.
  • ...

However, if this requirement could gain enough interests, it's probably worth creating a FR issue on the issue system. No such kind of issue is there yet according to my previous check.

As you’ve said, that’s a lot of work for a feature barely anyone would notice or use. I think it’s far better to have it done via an external app/cmdline tool than to increase the complexity of the main app itself. (After all, implementing such a feature is one thing, making sure it doesn’t break and plays well with everything else than comes after it, even years after, is quite another.)