Automatically saving the source link

For the web clipper:
It would be nice to save a clickable source link together with the screenshot/page/simplified page.
Like it is done by Evernote clipper.

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Hi, and Welcome on board :wink:

it's already done
click on the :information_source: of the toolbar and you should see it

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I noticed the [I] icon now, the link is empty. I tried with the new version and the link from the screenshot is always comes empty.

In any case, hiding the link under [I] icon is counter-intuitive, it is hard for the user to discover the link and it requires an extra click to get it. It should be shown in an abbreviated form right away.

i could grab a google map page, with the url filled …

personnaly I put the url of the article I grabbed (with Jong Toolkit) the footer of the note, because I also like to know where the data come from at a glance.

I'm a new Joplin user and since I happen to have the same request I found here, I'm continuing this thread

I would love to have the option in the web clipper to save the page URL saved in the beginning or the end of the note itself and not in the (i) Note properties.

Basically for three reasons,

Use joplin as a cross-plattform bookmark tool.
This is one main purpuse I come to Joplin for. And yes, I can just clip the URL and have it saved as a note itself, but what I really want to use is Clip selection and Clip screenshot as well to have a content preview for the web item I'm saving.
I then want to see the URL right away, since this is the main content of a note with that purpose after all. I don't want that to be one click away or even to taps away in the android apps.

Use joplin to extract and save quotes from websites for academic purposes and journalistic work.
It's the same thing basically. I want to save quotes from academic texts I'm reading online. I need the source right there, if it's not there it will look like any other not I've written myself, I will not easily know where I got it from, unless I do it for each note by hand.
Also in this case, I often want to share a quote / website -> the note, so:

If I want to publish or simply share a note like this, I of course would want the URL included in the text. Information in (i) Note properties would be lost and it's some clicks to copy paste the URL from there to the note.

I feel like this might be done quite simply, since the information is already passed and stored in joplin - I lack the skills anyway, so this is a feature request, hoping others might find my use cases convincing and have the same wish.

(I also found this thread: Getting webpage from a note that just owns an URL as content - #3 by foxmask which adresses the same problem, but I don't get the solution, and it looks a bit workaround-y for something that might be simple and helpful as part of the web clipper itself

Thanks, best wishes!


For what is worth, I would like to also be able to have this as a footer/header


Same here. Manually adding the source url is inconvenient. I do it in 90% of all cases I clip a page manually, so it would be great to automate it.

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Hi there,

in the meantime, I am using the Firefox extension 'CopyTabTitleUrl' / GitHub - k08045kk/CopyTabTitleUrl.
There seems to be an extension for Chrome as well.

You can bind a key / use the context menu to copy the Page Title + URL (plus more info if you like) in a custom style to your clipboard.

I can highly recommend it. I configured the style so I get it as a list item for Joplin. I even get a great list from multiple selected tabs like

  • title 1
    • url 1
  • title 2
    • url 2
  • title 3
    • url 3