Automatic backlinks (with manual insert option)

Is there a way to make the automatic "Backlinks" appear in a [toc]?

I'd like to report that Ctrl+Alt+T is used for tagging function. It shows at menu Note/Tags. Wonder if you may pick another shortcut? I'll report on Github as well. Best regards,

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You can change the shortcuts in Tools > Options > Keyboard shortcuts

I've noticed there is an error each time I open Joplin associated with this. Not a big deal, just thought I'd let you know in case it is causing other issues. Joplin 2.2.1 (prod, darwin)

/Applications/ Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: In reducer: Cannot read property 'key' of null Action: {"type":"MAIN_LAYOUT_SET_ITEM_PROP","itemKey":"plugin-view-joplin.plugin.ambrt.backlinksToNote-backlinksPanel","propName":"visible","propValue":true}
    at /Applications/
    at Object.iterateItems [as default] (/Applications/
    at /Applications/
    at Immer.produce (/Applications/
    at reducer (/Applications/
    at dispatch (/Applications/
    at Application.<anonymous> (/Applications/
    at (<anonymous>)
    at /Applications/
    at new Promise (<anonymous>)
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Hi there!

I recently upgraded Joplin to 2.2.7 (Win) and this plugin (version 2.0.10) is not working: I do not see the icon nor the menu options.

Thanks for your help!


Automatic backlinks do not work.
After updating Joplin to prerelease 2.2.2 this plug-in stopped working. I assume this is because it uses deprecated API. Important: plugins that use deprecated APIs will no longer work.
Please, confirm it. There is not any error but not adding any backlink or as mentioned before there is not any icon nor menu option for manual insertion.
If the answer is yes, Is it necessary to open a bug to track it? Or, has this issue already been detected for upgrading? Thanks


It looks as though there is a pull request for a fix, however the maintainer has not merged yet, which is somewhat understandable if this is all done on free time.

Hopefully we will get a confirmation/fix soon.

The maintainer could be on vacation. The change looks good and can be merged as is. I guess we'll have to wait. Until then, somebody could create a new jpl which includes the PR.


Exactly. It's one of the few downsides of open source communities! We can end up relying on someone's free time and they often are pressured by folks who (unintentionally) feel entitled to quick turn arounds involving that free time. I will be manually linking as a workaround.

I kinda really miss this. Anybody here know how to build it quickly, or even better, willing to drop the resulting file here?
I don't see any build instructions in the readme and don't know if the one who sent the PR is on the forum.

joplin.plugin.ambrt.backlinksToNote.jpl (18 KB)

Build from the latest version with the patch from this PR applied on top.

I only did minimal testing but it seems to work.


@roman_r_m, right is working well. Thank you this is a very useful plugin, at least I use a lot. thanks again.

Thanks, @roman_r_m :heart_eyes:
Works like something that works exactly as expected. :grin:

Thank you... it works perfectly!

I know this could sounds abusive, but could you look into this other plugin, Please? It's from the same developer...

Thanks a lot again!

Thanks a lot for that! I was really missing this plugin. Thank you for stepping in and making it available again.

I just checked the PR and it's not a great fix. I would not merge it like this.

P.S.: I might have a bit time tomorrow to create another PR and provide a JPL. No promises though.


It works perfect!!!

Thanks a lot...

First of all I have to say that I love this plugin and I can't do without it anymore. I would like to make a suggestion though. Would it be possible to integrate dating information in the backlink? For example instead of just returning the title of the post, it could also return the date of creation or modification...

[2021-08-30] Title of the note

This could be very useful when the links multiply in time.

In the same spirit, we could imagine that the backlinks could present in brackets the section of the note in which the occurrence is found. What do you think about it @ambrt ?

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that plugin is one of the kind, that makes Joplin so usefull, many thanks.

I also have a suggestion: Ignoring a whole notebook would be great.
Reason: I got all what I've done with the overview-plugin in one notebook.
But these 'notes' doesn't make sense as backlinks.