Auto-number in Joplin?

Is there any method to auto-number the equations in my Joplin notes? I write some of my equations and I found that I will reuse those equations frequently. I can number it manually with the tag command. However, it's tiring to remember which number I have used now. Sometimes we may amend some of my old notes, hence inserting a new equation inside the old one means I should change the wrong numbers. My question is, is there any method I can use to auto-number the equations? I can accept no click and jump links( I can accept manually write eq(#) instead of using some commands like \ref.), so I guess this function shouldn't be too difficult. But I can't find any related topics inside the forum or any other websites.

Thanks in advance!


Or at least, is there ANY method I can use to automatically count how many \tag{} I have used so that I don't have to count it myself?

a related discussion is here: Support \eqref and \label · Issue #2003 · KaTeX/KaTeX · GitHub

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