Annoying auto numbering in joplin

Say I write this-:

  1. abcd
  2. efgh
  3. ijkl

Then say I write

  1. abcd

This above line gets auto numbered as "4) abcd". How do I avoid getting this? Is there a way to do it. It is really ruining my experience of Joplin.

You didn't write this because if I copy and paste it into Joplin it works fine. If something doesn't work, you shouldn't copy and paste it exactly as it is in Joplin.

I would guess that when the OP says

Then say I write

This is the method being described and not part of the text entry.

The OP is possibly referring to the fact it appears that a numbered list cannot follow a numbered list no matter how many new lines there are between them. There has to be something else inserted between them to trigger a new list. If not, the spaces are collapsed and the numbering continues uninterrupted.

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I think if you leave the period out after the numbers, then it doesn't become a markdown list.

Or put something "invisible" between the lists.


Also note that the numbers used in the markdown for numbered lists have no importance apart from the first one in a list. The list will count up from that first number.

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