Authenticate Terminal with OneDrive

I feel like this should be simple, but I cannot find anything in the documentation or forum. Happy to RTFM if someone can point me in the right direction.

tl;dr: How do I authenticate with OneDrive when I don't have a browser on the same machine?

The details: I installed the terminal release 1.3.3 (prod) on centOS under WSL, and I can get as far as starting the sync, but I am given a URL and since there is no GUI I cannot use a browser from here. lynx doesn't do JavaScript, I didn't try anything else but I'm not hopeful.

I did try from another machine and I was able to get to the OneDrive login page, but of course the return fails since it points to http://localhost:9967/?code=... and although I can modify that URL, I end up sending a GET without the POST data, I think.

Is there another way to proceed? I think the only real problem is the return URL.

rclone uses something similar here, if I recall correctly it ultimately has me copy/paste the needed token into the console.

As a workaround I used file system (2) pointing to /mnt/c/Users/Dave/OneDrive/Apps/Joplin/ which does seem to work -- I saw a recommendation to do similar with Dropbox after doing large imports due to speed up large imports/synchronizations, and my primary intention with the terminal client right now is to bulk import a set of enex files. Going forward I would like to automatically create notes based on certain events, so accessing Joplin from the CLI seems useful.

I assume I must take care to not let any other devices synchronize until the OneDrive client finishes synchronizing, and beyond feeling fragile, if this works I would like to move Joplin to a dedicated machine where I wouldn't have an available OneDrive client anyway.