Attempting to move new note to bottom of list instead moves it to the top

Using Joplin for Desktop 1.8.5 (prod, win32).

I have a journal notebook with over 400 notes in it. Due to the way sorting currently works, I have to use custom sorting and make new entries at the bottom. I'll highlight the existing bottom note and create a new note, which creates the new note right above the bottom entry. If I then try to move the new note below the bottom one, or move the bottom one up one slot, the new note goes all the way to the top of the list. This forces me to click and drag the new note down over 400 entries. This happens every time.

I would custom sort from the top, except that I can't see any way around manually re-ordering over 400 notes by clicking and dragging, and I'm not doing that.

Is there any way I get prevent this from happening? Is this a bug I need to report on Github?

I think it's been reported already.

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