Add new Notes on top of the List in Custom Order Mode

TL;DR: I would like to have this behaviour in custom note ordering mode:

  • New notes are added on the bottom/top of the list, depending on the "Reverse sort order" checkbox (Currently notes are added always on bottom, reverse-checkbox is ignored)
  • Possibility to add a Note directly below an existing Note

Hey guys,

I use Joplin 1.7.11 on Windows and I like the custom note ordering, because I use it to get some structure into my notes. I add new notes/topics on top of the list. And notes related to other notes directly below that note (so I would need a feature "add new note below selected one").

What really bums me out is that new notes (after clicking the blue new note button) are always added at the bottom of the list, and not on the top.

I really love working with Joplin, and the progress in development it is making lately is really great. Huge thanks for providing us with such an awesome application!

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