Mobile and Desktop app differences

im new here, so im sure i'll be scolded for this reply location. I am noticing that there is considerable differences between desktop and android (other then OS duh) versions. It would be great if there was a comparison chart showing what will and what will not between the two. perfect example, plugins. it appears that none of them cross-over to android. I implemented the template plugin on the desktop, i sync'd to JoplinCloud and im not able to create a note from template in Joplin Android. the comparison might be difficult, so as owner/creator i would have plugin contributors that are listed in GitHub to declare desktop only or desktop + Android

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@johngco welcome to the forum.

You are right that posting on this thread (which is about something else) was not the best of places :slight_smile: . If you have a new question just raise a new thread. Maybe a moderator could split this out to its own thread.

Anyway, the comparison list for plugins would be quite short. Like:

Desktop Apps Mobile Apps
All plugins Yes No

That was a silly way of saying that plugins are currently desktop only.

I am not really a user of the mobile apps but I believe that they have most of the basic functionality of a desktop client. There have been quite a few changes recently in the mobile clients as I believe that they are starting to get a bit of attention from the developers.

Also, plugins do not even sync between desktop clients. They are installed per client. So if you had the template plugin installed on one desktop client you would still need to install it on any other desktop client if you wanted to use templates.

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Annoying but acceptable. I figured that if purchasing the JoplinCloud it or the team would implement this push/pull function in its ecosystem. Im assuming you dont have any idea if this is coming in future plans. thanks for the response and direction. Politeness goes a long way... You hear that STACKF##W! lol

IMHO Joplin is not designed with an "ecosystem" as its backbone because there is no centralised server instance as we know it from companies like Apple, Evernote, Google, Microsoft and the like. I agree with you that a lot of things just don't work as expected when you're accustomed to any of these ecosystems.

I'm afraid that's the pay-off for the privacy you get with Joplin. It's interesting to note that Apple offers E2EE for iCloud (at last!), but excludes mail, contacts and calendar because otherwise they wouldn't work seamlessly within the ecosystem.

That's how I see the larger picture - but you're absolutely right: It's a pity that mobile apps for Joplin come with a lot of restrictions (discussed elsewhere on this forum).