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Note: the roadmap has now been moved to GitHub, since they support checkboxes, and it’s also easier to link to issues from there.

This is to give an idea of the coming versions. The roadmap may change over time and feature might be added or removed from certain planned versions.

All platforms share a good part of the code so they will also share the same major and minor version numbers, although some releases might be desktop or mobile only depending on the features.

Version 1.1

  • [ ] Search engine fuzzy search
  • [x] Desktop: Keyboard shortcut editor
  • [x] Desktop: Changed from Ace Editor to CodeMirror
  • [ ] Desktop: App should do full sync on startup immediately
  • [ ] Mobile: Investigate slow down on sync startup

Version 1.2

  • [ ] Desktop: UI update

Version 1.3

  • [ ] Desktop: Plugin system
  • [ ] Desktop: Remove export to JSON feature

This still allows for vi mode editing ? Or is this just a change for defaults?

Vi editing will still be available, this is just a change in the underlying system which will hopefully mean less editor bugs and easier maintenance. Take a look at my response here if you’re interested in the motivation for the switch.

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The roadmap is one version behind the current release. It would be nice to have current priorities and directions of the app mapped onto a plan, even if only it would be consolidation of current features and bugfixes.

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Can we please see an update on this? I know its a pain to do Roadmaps/Gantt charts etc and keep them up to date, but the current roadmap on Github has not been updated for a year and I think you're going to miss out on potential sponsors. I personally would be more inclined to sponsor a project when I can see where my contribution is headed in the near future.