Anyone else use Joplinportable by uroesch?

This is an unofficial release that someone called uroesch did. It uses the PAF platform from It makes it a more portable app as ALL the profile seems to be stored in the applications folder including all the Profile and the plugins. The PortableApps site has releases but only for the 2.X releases, eroesch had been releasing the 3.x versions, which I like better.

I had been using it for years. About 2 months ago he stopped updating it. I am concerned that he may have given up on it. Hopefully it's nothing bad that has happened to the person.

I can't see any way of contacting the user on his GitHub page. Maybe I am just blind. I wanted to thank him for his efforts and cheer him on a little. Does anyone have a way of contacting him?

I'll let you search for his project so I don't seem to be pushing another version.

I'm familiar with the PortableApps release and this one for sure is fine to use as it's packaged by their team. Anything else I'd say it's a bit risky to use it. The Joplin executable is signed so that won't be a problem even if distributed by someone else. However for PortableApps the app is started via a launcher and this can contain any arbitrary code that runs with your user's privileges.

Not saying ureoch is doing anything malicious, but you won't have any software guarantees about it because it's not signed by us.