Android: Will there be a toolbar?

Hello, will there be a list of tools to format text more easily on Android? So it would be nice if you could mark text and then format it in bold, italic,... with one click. Or simply create tables and lists with one click. Currently, formatting is just not fun on the phone. A completely separate text editor would be even nicer, with no visible mardown text. Everything happens nicely in the background.

There should be a toolbar in the beta editor for the latest pre-release:

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Many thanks for the quick response. :blush: If I now always download the APK file, will I get a notification in the app when there is a new version?

I don't think so. You'll have to manually check for new releases.

Another option is to use the image editor pre-release, which installs as a separate app (so the original Joplin app will get updates from the Play Store, but you'll need to manually update the other app).

Okay thank you very much. I will be downloading the versions manually from now on. It could have been that the beta versions were also published via an alternative app store, which would have always notified me when there was a new version.

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