Mobile: New text editor - "Hide bar" option

@laurent , could I ask you to add a "Hide bar" option in a new text editor on Android?
As a Markdown is my primary formatting style, I use it not only in Joplin. So, I have all necessary formating buttons in my keyboard.
Adding additional formatting bar provided by app itself is redundant in my case and looks a little ugly.

Of course, I use now the "Use the plain text editor" option. But as I understood from the description to this option, it is not recommended way.


hey, nice. What keyboard is that?

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It's Multiling O Keyboard from tessus and this recommendations.


I plan to open a pull request for this sometime in the next few days!


See Mobile: Add setting to enable/disable the markdown toolbar by personalizedrefrigerator · Pull Request #7929 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub

It might also make sense to allow users to configure the size of the buttons in the toolbar.