Android Webdav sync fails - possibly based on time of day

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Additional data

  • Android v14
  • Webdav target is DriveHQ


  • At various times, synchronization from android client to webdav target fails. See error message in screenshot of log attached. A similar message appears on Android client screen.
  • The errors seem to occur consistently until a given time in the day. I have seen it start working at 8:00pm on some days and 9:30pm on others. I am US Eastern time zone (New York). Once it works, it works consistently until sometime overnight. I have not been able to test through the night to see when it starts failing again. But I have tried to sync around 6:30am and it has failed.
  • During time failing, using the "Check Synchronisation Configuration" tool results in an error with the following text: "Error. Please check that URL, username, password, etc. are correct and that the sync target is accessible. The reported error was: WebDAV directory not found: ... url for drivehq's webdav..." After synchronization is working (see above times of day) this tool does not report an error


  • During the time the android client is failing to sync correctly, I have run Joplin on my PC and it has synced correctly. Windows 11. Joplin version: 2.13.15. I do not get errors at all on the Windows client when syncing.
  • During the time the android client is failing to sync correctly, I have installed and used another Webdav client with DriveHQ and it has worked without issues with the same target.

Expected behavior

  • sync from android client without errors.

If anyone has any thoughts or ideas, I welcome any suggestions.


Do you hit the issue when on a mobile connection and/or home wifi ?

If on the mobile network, what's the signal strength when a sync fails? You'll probably have to eyeball this from the status bar indicator.

The issue occurs on home wifi. I believe the android app is also set to only sync over wifi.
Wifi signal strength is good. And tests I have run are often done from the same physical location.

Last night, it was failing consistently, up to and including around 9:10pm. At 9:32pm or so, same location, etc. it worked and worked multiple times until I went to sleep.

Thank you for the follow up.