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Android version cannot sync all my notes. The log file shows that "Synchronizer" tried to make a huge "SELECT * FROM resources WHERE id IN (...)" query and there were too many IDs listed.
Could you limit the single query size to something that Postgres could handle?
I have removed all data and started sync multiple times, but it has never managed to sync all notes.

There is also some "Synchronizer: "Could not refresh lock - cancelling sync. Error was:", "Error: Lock has expired" -errors that are not fatal.

mobile-log.log (44.3 KB)
Screenshot 2024-07-02 203712

Strange that nobody hasn't commented anything?
As far as I can see:

  • I'm not onlyone who have this problem
  • This problem has been there quite long time
  • Fixing this problem should not be hard, because limiting the amount of IDs in the SELECT would fix this.

I guess that I have too many documents, but that should not be a limiting factor!

I tested WebDav too!
First I pushed all my notes to WebDav with my linux Joplin, and then tried to sync them to my Android device.
Same error, "SELECT * FROM resources WHERE id IN (...)".

So, it's not (actually) server end Postgre problem, it's local "Android" database problem.

Could somebody atleast point me to the right GitHub code and directory, so I can "try" to solve this problem, if nobody else have time to fix it.

Thank you!

This problem is with version 3.0.8 (prod, android) too.
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 47
Android API leve: 34

Possibly related:

One possibility is that this could be related to large OCR text for one or more of the resources (cumulatively larger than 50 MiB, which seems to be the maximum row size on most platforms).

If I check from that WebDav "storage" what I now have, the biggest single document is:

  • 12 MB
  • Includes OCR of 34 MB PDF document

Both are under 50 MB, so it should not effected.

Removing that document from all devices didn't change anything.