Android: Sync Target - Filesystem

Selecting "Directory to synchronize with" should be a simple directory selection process instead of having to type in an absolute path.

IS there somewhere i can file an issue for this on gitup? What's suitable here

What version are you using? In the recent builds I get the directory selection view when clicking "Directory to synchronize with(absolute path)"
You can create an issue there.

2.8.1 the latest in the app store. how about you?

Oh I'm using the Android version and it works. I don't know how it behaves on iOS

2.8.1 is the latest android version. oh... I get it. sorry, I meant "play" store :sweat_smile:

I don't know when it is changed but the pre-releases work fine. You can try it if you want, or you can wait for the release.

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Thank you for the link. do we know why there's no new release? I mean, it's been since May

Because the vast majority of the changes to the mobile version have been from GSoC and there are a lot of potentially breaking changes that need to be properly tested.

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