Android: share screenshot on mobile doesn't work

I'm seeing an issue when I try to send screenshot directly to Joplin app using "send to" action of the screenshot tool.
New note is created but without content and I see an error

I have no idea which content is referenced by content::media/external/images/media/1000007831 :thinking: In the file manager I find the Screenshot under /storage/emulated/0/Pictures/Screenshots/.. (and can not "send to" > Joplin as well)..

Joplin Android 2.11.32 (DB v42) on Android 13 (Pixel 6a)

Any hint's welcome if this works on other phones/versions.
Please advice if you have any idea what is going wrong.

I found another issue regarding sharing on opposite direction

would be great if somebody could point to a good source what is expected to work on mobile..

I've created an issue about it here: Sharing an image with the app does not work · Issue #8533 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub


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