Android phone - Joplin linking to wrong Dropbox account

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What issue do you have?

at different times I have created a Dropbox account with my Gmail address and another time with my Yahoo email address, my previous cellphone, Samsung S10+ sync'd up with the proper account because it asked for a link.

I bought a new phone Samsung Note20 Ultra and used Samsung's SMARTswith app to transfer my apps and data to the new Note20.... unfortunately, it does NOT transfer Settings, like links and Preferences, you have to configure every app again, pisses me off big time.

the Problem is, Joplin on the Note20 only asked what account target, I clicked on Dropbox, and it sync'd up with the dead account.... how do I make it link to the proper account? I maintain the Joplin database on my laptop, and I don't want to loose that data.