Android Orange 'attachment could not be downloaded' banner

I made a note with a PDF attachment of 240 MB that was too big for my android app (max 100 MB)
So I have the orange warning banner that says the attachment could not be downloaded

So I deleted the note on the desktop and remade it with the PDF in 3 parts (biggest one is 90,205 KB)and this was fine- The note with the PDF in 3 parts has synced to the android, no problems.

However, the orange banner is still there on the Android

How do I get rid of that banner / fix, please?

I found this post in Features but it has no answers, so I thought I would make a post in Support

If you go in the status screen (under config), is the item there?

My guess is the attachment is still there because you have note history enabled (and even if you don't it'll still be there for 1 day)

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@laurent - Yes, the item is still there (actually there are 4 pdfs in two notes)

Discourse directed me to this post

So on the Desktop I went to Tools>Note Attachments and ordered by size and the three large attachments were at the top of the list (even though I am sure I deleted the note - or at least the large PDF) so I deleted them.

But, after syncing desktop and android the banner is still there

EDIT: I should say 'was' there - I deleted a couple of other attachments that were less than 100 MB tho) and synced again and now the orange banner has gone

I am not sure if it went because I deleted more attachments or because it was just a matter of time.

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