Android synch problem where attachments are too large

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What issue do you have?

I have 6 notes each with attachment that is too large to be downloaded onto my Android phone. They are videos I would like not to lose. I don't care if I can't get them on the Android - I can always watch them through the desktop.

I would like to be able to flag the errors as noted and stop the synch process from trying to download them - permanently. And thus remove the orange banner from being permanently visible in Joplin Android.

Any advice which any can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Note: I have read through a good number of similar issues but couldn't discover a solution based on simply accepting the limitation and moving on

If there isn't any solution to this issue, then I'd suggest just having a link in your Joplin notes to the video online or even directly on your computer. Hopefully, someone will tell me if this is the wrong method, but I'd either use a video folder on your computer or I'd make a subfolder below the Joplin database for videos. The idea is to keep things that belong together, together in case you move to another computer.

Thanks for the suggestions Steve.

Given that the issue is the size of the videos and I wouldn't expect to get any more attachments (video or other) which break the limits your suggestions could work - although the risk of mislaying the files is greater if they are not held within Joplin.

Thank you share this post and helping post msg..

Depending on how you process, it shouldn't be a problem. For example, if you create a folder called Joplin Linked Videos, it'll be pretty clear. I'd put it on my website, so there is Less chance of misplacing it. New computers etc. are not an issue. The link remains the same.

Making it a subfolder of Videos would work well if you remembered you had videos, or automatically included that in your backups etc.

Making it a subfolder of the actual Joplin Folder and using a relative link also has advantages. If you moved the Joplin database to a new computer with a different directory structure, like all data on the D: drive instead of C: it would still work. It also keeps all your Joplin Data inside the Joplin Data Folder. If you move the Joplin folder, everything still works. In a way, this keeps it "Inside Joplin", since it is inside the Joplin folder.

One of those should work for you.

Thanks Steve - I have dropped it as a subfolder.

Only issue remaining is that the message in Android remains and I can't sort out how to get rid of it. So still have the orange banner and clicking Retry All, Retry (on each item) and Refresh do nothing. An irritant but not the end of the world.


Darn. You are right. My advice is flawed. Other devices cannot process that link unless you copy that file to the same relative location on the Android device.

You might try that, or destroy the link. Make it not machine-readable, but human-readable. You could even, since this doesn't happen often, make a note like this: On Android I put the video in the videos folder, but on Windows I put it in the linked videos folder under Joplin data in appsdata/.config etc.

Or store it somewhere online, like a free Google storage or better Proton Drive. Proton Drive is privacy-oriented, secure and offers 5 or 10 GB free.

Yes - but even removing the links from the notes they are still flagged on the Android version.

Going to wipe Android and start again and see what happens.

Thanks for input on this it was most helpful.